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Parrot Sequoia


The Complete Solution

Weighing only 107 grams, Sequoia is a powerful sensor in a remarkably small package.

This camera features four narrowband filters optimised for analysing crop health and a 16 MP RGB imager for easy digital scouting. Sequoia's irradiance sensor and integrated GPS make it an accurate and calibrated tool for precision agriculture.

**Please note delivery can take up to 7 working days**

Five Reasons To Choose Sequoia

  1. Easy to Install
  2. Designed for Everyone
  3. A Complete Solution
  4. The Best Price (By Over Half) On The Market For This Level of Technology
  5. Compatible With Every Drone

Integrating the Sequoia solution into precision agriculture techniques helps the farmer at each step of his production process and enables him to respond to the needs of his crops in the best possible manner, season after season, year after year.

Sequoia is plugged directly on the drone of your choice, such as the Parrot Disco, or the Sensefly eBee (as well as every other drone); all of which are available from us as we strive to offer you the complete package.

Technical Specifications Can Be Found Here

The Sequoia solution has been developed with multiple farming experts to ensure a top-notch agribusiness piece of technology has been created.

The Sequoia multispectral sensor captures both visible and invisible images, providing calibrated data to optimally monitor the health and vigor of your crops. Sequoia captures calibrated wavelength, Green, Red, Red-Edge and Near Infrared to highlight the health of plants.

The sunshine Sensor is mounted on the back of the drone. During the flight it will continuously sense and record the light conditions in the same spectral bands as the multispectral sensor. The light data thus collected allows the values of the identified spectral signatures to be confirmed.

Sequoia is the smallest, lightest multispectral UAS sensor released to date. It captures images of crops across four highly defined, visible and non-visible spectral bands, plus RGB imagery. In just one flight, agronomists, crop consultants and farmers can capture all the aerial data required to monitor and respond to the health of crops throughout the growing season.

eBee Ag users will be able to benefit immediately from Sequoia’s cutting-edge performance," said Jean-Christophe Zufferey, CEO and co-founder of senseFly. "This will allow them to collect more actionable crop data than ever before, over much larger areas than multi-rotor drones can cover, and with the confidence that comes from using the drone rated number one in sub-2.2 lb performance, all backed by professional senseFly support.

Sequoia boasts a unique range of benefits:

1. Multispectral + RGB sensors in just one flight  

Sequoia includes four 1.2 MP sensors that capture data over four spectral bands (near-infrared, red-edge, red and green), plus a 16 MP RGB sensor, allowing both analytical data and visible imaging to be captured in the same flight. With this spectral breadth and the eBee Ag’s renowned ease of use, up to hundreds of acres of actionable data can be collected.

This data can then be easily integrated into the eBee’s full drone-to-tractor workflow. Using photogrammetry software such as Pix4Dmapper, Sequoia’s high-res imagery can be processed into orthophotos and index maps showing crop health. After careful analysis, these can be transformed into optimised application maps and exportable prescriptions — helping farmers to apply exactly the right amount of water or chemicals needed to boost yields and increase net profit.

2. Accurate results across different lighting conditions

To make effective business decisions, such as how much nitrogen to apply, it is crucial to attain accurate imagery, whatever the light conditions. Sequoia’s upward-facing Sunshine sensor measures irradiance—the current light conditions—and automatically calibrates Sequoia’s multispectral sensors to ensure high quality data even on cloudy or hazy days, for consistent measurements over time, and without the need to use a calibration tile before flight. 

3. Scientific grade measurement at a fraction of the cost

Sequoia will cost significantly less than existing multispectral UAS sensors, bringing scientific-grade aerial imaging within reach of more ag professionals around the world.

4. Seamless integration with eBee Ag, the leading drone for precision agriculture

eBee Ag users will be able to use Sequoia with their systems**, and in future, Sequoia owners who fly non-senseFly drones will gain a simple upgrade path to the industry’s most trusted fixed-wing small UAS.

5. Customised Data Capture 

The eBee Ag’s eMotion software enables Sequoia owners to specify exactly the level of data they require: choose between high- or low-resolution imagery, and whether or not RGB data is required alongside Sequoia’s multispectral results — all as part of eMotion’s one-click flight planning process.

The right information at the right time for the right action; identify problem areas in a field that need attention and further scouting before it's too late

  • Refine Fertilisation by detecting nutrient deficiencies symptoms
  • Optimise pesticide input through early detection of biotic stress
  • Control crop irrigation by identifying areas where water stress is suspected
  • Estimate crop yield by procession & exploiting agronomic indices

Friends of Sequoia

eBee Ag by SenseFly

Used by farmers and consultants over the world, the highly durable and fully automatic eBee Ag is the next logical step in your operation’s evolution.

  • Fully compatible with Sequoia.
  • Cover more acres, more easily.
  • Drone-to-tractor workflow.
  • Ultra-light for maximum safety.
  • Backed by senseFly’s global support network.

A Proven Performer: 

  • 200,000+ senseFly flights to date
  • 58,000+ flight hours…

Cloud Management by MicaSense

MicaSense ATLASTM : a complete solution for processing, storage, presentation, and analysis of your multispectral data.

  • Intuitive interface simplifies data managementfor all your farms and fields.
  • Automatic cloud service lets you to focus on your fields, not on processing raw data.
  • Identify changes over time with specialized visualization tools.
  • Scout your way to problem areas using any connected device.
  • Secure servers and support team based in North America (Seattle, WA - USA).

Processing by Pix4D

Capture information not visible to the naked eye, with the unique integration of Pix4Dmapper andSequoia. Generate index maps, like NDVI, and orthomosaics for digital scouting and analytics: all from one flight.

  • Local Processing: stay independent, process where and when you want
  • Index Calculator: from the reflectance map, generate NDVIs or your own index maps, then classify for better interpretation
  • Integration: export maps for Ag software or machinery in industry-standard formats

Fertilization Prescriptions by Airinov

Airinov can help you turn your Sequoia and drone into a real farm management tool, truly useful. No need to be a GIS expert nor a software developer, everything happens on the Internet on our farmer-friendly platform synchronised with a smartphone app’.

Airinov support you from the first steps of flight logistics, through to agronomy interpretation and up to the final integration of the map into your tractor guiding system.

Have a try with your free trial voucher included with any Sequoia you buy.


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