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Black Edition SkyController

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Fly no further, you have found the perfect Parrot Bebop 2 addition....

As we're sure you're fully aware, the Black Edition SkyController is the latest must have accessory for the Parrot Bebop Drone Range, especially for the newly released Bebop 2 (that we do have on order for yourselves, please do take a look at our other listings).

The SkyController gives you full control over your drone & really does release all of the hidden gems of the Bebop!

Been wishing that your Bebop could fly further away? Wish no more.. the Black Edition SkyController extends your Bebop's range from the great 300M to an outstanding 2000M!

The Bebop 2 can be controlled using two extremely precise joysticks that allow you to take FreeFlight pictures and shoot crisp sharp video at the touch of the dedicated premium buttons. The features of the Bebop 2 are truly at your fingertips with the Black Edition SkyController. The dedicated joysticks allow you to angle the camera like a true professional.

With the Black Edition SkyController you receive real-time flight information showing the true performance of your drone. Whilst flying you'll receive multiple sets of data in real time; accompanied by sound alerts which enables more precise steering.

You can use a very very useful feature named "Where is my Bebop" sadly we won't be issuing prize draws for the answer.. as you've guessed it this great feature identifies how far & how high the drone is against the driver.

With the touch of a dedicated button the Bebop 2 will return automatically to the driver (with the Black Edition SkyController) due to the fancy integrated GPS.

There are 10 individual custom keys on the Black Edition SkyController & 4 premium joy sticks that are fully customisable to suit the exact requirements of the driver. Parrot's software is "open source", this allows developers to extend (yes - the SkyController can get better) the functionality of the SkyController. 

The SkyController is also compatible with the FPV for a more innovative and immersive flying experience.

Included within the SkyController pack are a foldable visor set & complimenting neck strap, the sunshade enhances the feeling of immersion because it eliminates reflections of the sun on your piloting device and allows easy access to your tablet. The neck strap ensures a good balance of the Black Edition SkyController on your shoulders and requires much less effort, which enables your concentration to stay at it's maximum (which means you'll be able to concentrate a lot more on what you enjoy, flying that Drone). 

Sadly, within this listing the Bebop 2 (or Bebop) & tablet are not included, this is just for the amazing Parrot SkyController (Black Edition).

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