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littleBits Pro Library


The Pro Library is the ultimate collection for collaboration and invention in a group setting. It can accommodate up to 32 inventors with 304 Bits & 228 accessories; making it ideal for project-based learning and teamwork as well as intuitive electronics prototyping.

  • Optimal for schools, libraries, makerspaces, design agencies
  • Can accommodate up to 32 inventors
  • Choose with wall storage (five 18" by 19" panels), or without
  • Comes with 3 tackleboxes to store hundreds of Bits on a shelf, or on the go
  • Robust enough for demonstrations and presentations
  • Includes nearly every Bit; featuring cloudBit, Arduino, wireless & synth Bits
  • Robust enough for demonstrations & presentations
  • Perfect for collaborative, project-based learning at all levels
  • Inventors of all ages can prototype complex interactions in seconds

Includes a reference handbook, co-written by littleBits Founder Ayah Bdeir

The Pro Library was last updated 6/18/2015. It is a growing collection and is revised periodically throughout the year. 

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