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Phantom 3 Advanced

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The Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter from DJI Innovations features several improvements over its predecessors such as upgraded camera, lightbridge video link, ultrasonic and optical flow sensors and more. This quadcopter really hits the sweet spot in regards to price and performance.

The Phantom 3 Advanced Edition features an upgraded 1080p 60fps camera, lightbridge video link, ultrasonic and optical flow sensors.


phantom 3 advanced camera

2.7k @ 30fps Camera

Imagine amazing, immersive footage at your fingertips. Imagine capturing content fit for the big screen, with crisp images, beautiful resolution, and vivid colours. With an integrated, stabilised camera, your Phantom 3 brings your imagination to life.

I need to know what the features are

  • Gimbal Stabilized 2.7K Camera
  • Camera Takes 12MP Still Photos
  • 720p HD App-Based Monitoring
  • Gimbal Control Dials on Transmitter
  • GPS for Enhanced Stability and Failsafes
  • Auto-Takeoff / Auto Return Home
  • Vision Sensor for Indoor Flight
  • Up to 23 Minutes Flying Time
  • Intelligent LiPo Flight Battery
  • Mobile Device Holder Included

Professional Lens

The Phantom 3 Advanced camera has an f/2.8 lens with a 94⁰ field of view, virtually eliminating the unwanted lens distortion common in other cameras not built to shoot from the air.

DJI Phantom 3 Camera Lens

Powerful Mobile App

Complete power is at your fingertips. Control the camera and change flight settings, all from your mobile device. Plus:

phantom 3 app

- Automatic video editor that helps piece together your best footage in seconds
- Ability to livestream your flights to YouTube for all to see
- Live map that tracks your Phantom 3 at all times
- User-friendly interface for adjusting full camera and flight settings
- And more...

phantom 3 controller

Live HD View

Experience a new view of your world, over long distances and in real time. Simply connect your phone or tablet and you have a live 720p HD view of everything your camera sees as you fly. This immersive view streams to you in absolute clarity, enabling you to get that perfect shot and experience flying in a unique way.
​This live view is made possible by DJI Lightbridge technology that is used by professional cinematographers and photographers who demand only the best. Fly with this view, and feel what it's like to be above your world without ever leaving the ground.

Unmatched Propulsion

Each motor has the power and precision needed to give you the best flight experience possible. Brushless motors work with lightning-fast ESCs to make your Phantom 3 fast, agile, and responsive.

DJI Pilot Video EditorQuick Video Editor

Quickly create videos and share them instantly. DJI’s new Director software, a built-in video editor, allows you to choose the best moments from your flights and build a complete video with music, text, and more.

YouTube Livestreaming

As you are flying, share the view with your friends and the world, live over YouTube. Now anyone can experience the joy of flight, and watch, comment and share your experience in near real time.

phantom 3 battery

New 4480mah 4S Intelligent Battery

Higher voltage, more energy, and greater power combine to give you a vastly improved flight experience. This upgraded Intelligent Flight Battery has built-in sensors that let you know the status of your battery in real time, so you always know how long you can continue flying and when it’s time to recharge. Recharging is fast and easy, and the Phantom 3 Advanced comes with an upgraded charger for substantially reduced charge times.

Phantom 3 Optical Flow Sensor

Vision Positioning

Fly indoors, low to the ground, and in GPS-free areas with Vision Positioning technology. Visual and ultrasonic sensors scan the ground beneath your Phantom 3 for patterns, enabling it to identify its position and move accurately.


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