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Kaiser Baas Delta Drone


Tried the Alpha & NEED the Delta?

The Delta Drone is robust and is an exciting new aerial drone for UAV enthusiasts and new pilots of all skill levels. 

It boasts an impressive 400m range with Geofencing, which stops it from flying off or out of sight. GPS functionality makes the Delta easy to fly and hold in a hover – allowing you to film whatever is beneath it with an attached Action Camera.

The built-in mount is suitable for most Action Cameras, including the Kaiser Baas X-Series. For even more impressive footage, use the optional Electronic Gimbal to stabilise videos taken from your GoPro™ Hero 3™, 3+™ and 4 Silver/Black™. The tilt of the Electronic Gimbal can be controlled from the ground, using the designated dial on the Delta Drone Transmitter.

The rechargeable 2200 mAh battery allows a flying time of up to 17 minutes!

With GPS control, the Delta Drone can Return to Home at the touch of a button. This means that it can self-land in the same position it took off from. The Return to Home function provides a safe and easy alternative to manual landing, allowing you to perform a gentle and controlled touchdown, reducing Pilot error and minimising any risk of damage due to rough landings.

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