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Parrot Disco


SO, you want the Parrot Disco FIRST?! You're in the right place, order now to get your tickets to the party before the rest!

Your Very Own Party in the Sky - QuadCopters are so 2015.

Nightfeaver, Parrot Disco, the first consumer fixed-wing Drone.

The Parrot Disco is available NOW - we have UK stock!

Thought Parrot Bebop 2 was fast, think again. The Parrot Disco can simply cruise in the sky at a cool 50MPH, not five.. fifty! 

  • First Person View available thanks to live streaming video
  • Lightweight and robust design maximises manoeuvrability and flight speed
  • Flight time of 45 minutes thanks to 2700mAh battery
  • Automatic takeoff, landing, and return home modes
  • Easy to pilot from any smart device with assisted flight modes
  • Waypoints enabled with use of Flight Plan (In-App Purchase)
  • Always land safely with embedded ground sensors
  • Record or stream videos with built-in full HD 1080p front nose camera
  • Detachable wings for easy transport
  • Compact SkyController 2 is Included
  • 32GB Internal Memory
  • 3-Axis Digital Image Stabilisation
  • Live on-screen display with flight telemetry and radar
  • We're offering two Disco packages, one with the all new & improved SkyController 2 & FPV Goggles (for an amazing immersive experience) & then just the Disco on it's own.

As the quality on the Bebop 2 is utterly stunning the Disco utilises the same technology & has a 14 megapixel 1080P HD, digital stabilised camera in the nose of the drone.

The Parrot Disco truly represents exactly what GizAGadget is all about, it's the first consumer camera drone of its kind; once again Parrot have innovated the market.

Please note, this is not a quadcopter, you will require a large amount of room to fly the Disco; so you can't just fly it in your garage or you back garden - it's not the drone for you if you live in a built up area, this drone is perfect within the countryside where you have acres & acres of beautiful fields to discover from the air!

There's a rotor on its tail, it has two big sturdy wings which form a "V" around the immersible camera, each wing has individual flaps which are controlled by motors. You may be reading this and thinking "individual flaps.. how am I supposed to control this... ahh", think again. With Parrots market-leading app & control interface the steering of the Parrot Disco require very little expertise.

Not an enthusiast, just want a selfie? This is definitely the drone for you. This is a Drone that everybody can fly, in other words, with Parrot's clever technology the Drone basically flies itself if you're new to droning, otherwise you can pick your hardware up (SkyController, SkyController 2 & traditional remote control compatible) & fly! A single joystick controls the altitude as well as the direction of the Disco.

The Parrot Disco is definitely what we would call the sober one at the party, it can glide through the sky on its own pre-programmed route & keep itself steady, letting you focus on exactly what you need to; the spectacular footage it is capturing!

Parrot's range of QuadCopters & Drones have always been popular due to their lightweight durable design & ease of transportation, the Disco is no different. It's fixed-wings are actually removable, so you don't have to worry about carrying the 1.1metre wing=spanned drone around with all 1.1metres in hand!

Did we say lightweight? Spoiler alert.. due to the Disco being made as an engineering piece of beauty the Disco is made of an ultra lightweight 1.5 pound foam at 1.1m in wing-span!

Battery Life, the Bebop 2 has an impressive 25 minute flying time. Surely the Disco can match this flight time? Oh no, the Disco has a real party trick, a flight time of 45 minutes. That's right forty-five glorious minutes of flying time.

Avec vous, partout, tout le temps

Fly, Spin & Glide

An aerodynamic design, streamlined look, fixed wings, light carbon and an EPP body.

The Parrot Disco has been naturally designed to fly like a plane.

With Parrot's own CockPitGlasses you can experience a feeling that you've never been able to encounter before, a completely immersed FPV experience.

You can glide and enjoy your scenery with pleasure by using the Disco.

There's not another drone on the market that will let you feel the extreme flight sensations like the Disco does.

Avec vous, partout, tout le temps

Change Your Point of View

With Parrot's own CockPitGlasses you can feel the ultimate immersive flying sensation.

The Disco comes with a FULL HD 1080p front camera within the nose, that's digitally stabilised on 3 axis.

Once connected with the superior FreeFlight Pro app you just put your smartphone within the CockPitGlasses & then you feel as if you were flying; the skyline changes when you turn.

You can now spread your own wings & truly feel your most incredible flights!

Avec vous, partout, tout le temps

Fly Faster, For Longer

With the Disco, you can reach 50mph (80kmh) using the powerful motor & enjoy the unmissable experience for longer.
Parrot's own high capacity battery guarantees you up to 45 minutes of flying time. 
Piloted from the new SkyController 2 it has an optimised & secure Wi-Fi connection, with live feedback onto your smartphone with the all new FreeFlight Pro app.
Change directions & film long scenes & capture nature for longer thanks to the huge internal memory of 32GB.
Avec vous, partout, tout le temps

Pilot Easily & Precisely

With the all new & improved SkyController, the SkyController 2 you can use to ultra-precise joysticks for an unforgettable, easily controllable piloting experience.
You can fly your new Disco from up to 2KM away & take off & land with ease; using a single click.
You can concentrate on your adventure as the Disco can go back to the starting point onautopilot, play with altitudes & speeds, stability is guaranteed with Parrot's anti-stall system.
The sky is yours, how far will you go?

So, how do I actually fly this futuristic bit of kit?

You throw the flying wing, it gains its altitude and turns autonomously, and turns in the sky until you take control of it. During the flight, the autopilot prevents any false manoeuvres which could bring the flying wing down. Parrot Disco is as easy to pilot as playing a video game (Sims 10?).

Parrot Disco is the first wing-shaped drone you can pilot with no learning process. Its autopilot and its many sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer, Pilot, GPS) permanently control its flight

Parrot DISCO
Video & Image
Camera 1080p Full HD camera
Streaming Video 360p/720p
Removable battery
Battery 2700 mAh / 25A 3 cells Lipo Battery
Battery life 45 min
Motor 1280kv
Servomotor 5V
RF receiver ready SBUS, SUMD, CPPM
750gr | 26oz

EPP Foam et carbon tube

Linux & Open source SDK for App development
Size 1150 mm x 580mm x 120 mm
Wingspan 1150 mm
Optical flow camera
Airspeed sensor (Pitot tube)
Inertial Navigation System
3 axis gyroscope
3 axis accelerometer
3-axes magnetometer
CPU Dual core Cortex A9
Internal Flash Memory 32GB
Wi-Fi and Transmissions
Access Point Network
WiFi AC-type (2,4GHz), 2 bi-band antennas (2,4 and 5GHz)
Parrot SkyController 2
Weight 500g
Dimensions 200x180x110mm
2 joysticks, 8 shortcut buttons
Battery Li-Po 2700mAh
Battery life 240 minutes
Plug USB
Wifi MIMO antennas
Parrot CockPitGlasses
Weight 390g
FOV 90°

Compatible with a range of smartphone brands & devices thanks to the adjustable dock for smartphones. Compatible are smartphones with screen sizes from 4,7" to 5,7" and a width of 6mm to 9.5mm.


Shipped From GizAGadget With

  • Love, Care & Affection
  • Parrot Disco: Fixed-Wing Drone
  • High-capacity battery: 2700mAh
  • USB cable
  • User guide
  • 2 Sparel Rear Propellers
  • Parrot SkyController 2
  • Removable Mount for Smartphone / Tablet
  • USB cable
  • Charger & Cable
  • Parrot CockPitGlasses
  • Straps
  • Smartphone Drawer

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